CD-R Printable

Originality and innovation is our motto, the Digitex CD-R with inkjet printable surface emphasis our policy. Using state-of-the-art high quality materials for printable surfaces, allows bright, clear images, and distinctive individuality to be applied to each disc. Picture discs can be easily created in the office or home, using readily available low cost inkjet printers found in high street retail outlets. Image discs are perfect for presentations, photo collection’s, audio and video archives; data back ups, and file libraries. Printing time will depend on the complexity of the image but is commonly less than 5 minutes.

Compact disc once recordable
Capacity 700 MB
Velocity 1x-52x
Surface White matt printable surface
Total Compatibility Orange Book, Part II
Type data/audio
Lifetime over 100 years
Outer Diameter 120 mm
Inner Diameter 15 mm
Thickness 1,2 mm
Track Pitch 1,6 ± 0,1 um
Linear Velocity 1,2-1,4 m/s
Substrate polycarbonate
Writing Layer cyanine - phthalocyanine
Reflective Layer silver
Protection Layer lacquer
Reflectivity > 0,65
Time Encoding ATIP Wobble Modulation
ATER < 10% Avg. over 10 sec.
Lock Freq.(Wobble) 22,05 KHz
CNR of Wobble (Unrecorded) > 35 dB (BW = 1 KHz)
Radial Contrast (Rcb) > 0,05
Optimum Recording 5,9 mW—7,2mW (OB: 4 mW—8 mW)
Operation and Storage Temperature -5—50ºС
Operation and Storage Relative Humidity 10—90%
File size
Packing information 95 KB

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