CD-R Promotional Package

Special promotional packages are available with CD-R discs:

Special E-CARDs 50 MB
Digitex compact E-card CD-R’s are perfect for carrying, exchanging, or sending hard copies, and are equally ideal for recording presentations or company profiles. The ink-jet printable surface allows the customer to personalise their E-card presentation with logo’s, contact details, or personalized designs. The transparent plastic sleeves are designed to protect and display personalised printing whilst offering card protection.

“Transformer” Carton Box for 20 CD-R (paper envelope for each disc included)
Digitex have a strong reputation for offering eye catching products and packaging to attract customer’s attention. This “transformer product” is one example of such packaging: a bright, stunningly clever, cello-wrapped display box of 20 CD-R discs (700 MB, 12 cm, 52x), each individually packaged in a cheerfully coloured paper envelope and transparent window. All discs are individually bar-coded and paper sleeves allow us to provide interesting pricing on the products. The outer box can be transformed into an attractive presentation display stand.

40 CD-R + 3 CD/DVD Markers in Cake Box
This unique offer is guaranteed to prove inviting to customers’. The special column stacking package offers 40 high grade 52X CD-R, plus 3 Digitex high quality coloured CD marker pens, in blue, red and green. Competitively priced the product is designed for retail outlets.

Compact disc once recordable
Capacity 700 MB
Velocity 1x-52x
Total Compatibility Orange Book, Part II
Type data/audio
Lifetime over 100 years
Outer Diameter 120 mm
Inner Diameter 15 mm
Thickness 1,2 mm
Track Pitch 1,6 ± 0,1 um
Linear Velocity 1,2-1,4 m/s
Substrate polycarbonate
Writing Layer cyanine - phthalocyanine
Reflective Layer silver
Protection Layer lacquer
Reflectivity > 0,65
Time Encoding ATIP Wobble Modulation
ATER < 10% Avg. over 10 sec.
Lock Freq.(Wobble) 22,05 KHz
CNR of Wobble (Unrecorded) > 35 dB (BW = 1 KHz)
Radial Contrast (Rcb) > 0,05
Optimum Recording 5,9 mW—7,2mW (OB: 4 mW—8 mW)
Operation and Storage Temperature -5—50°С
Operation and Storage Relative Humidity 10—90%
File size
Packing information 95 KB

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