Lens cleaning pens for optical equipment

  • For cellular phones and phone cameras
  • For optics, lenses and digital cameras
  • Anti-static effect
  • Pack – transparent blister with display hanger

There are 3 products in the Digitex optical cleaning series, perfect for cleaning binocular lenses, small aperture scopes and telescopes, eyepieces, spectacles, cameras and other optics. The pack includes a handy retractable dust removal brush, a special non-liquid cleaning element, and a refill pad. Safe and very easy to use, compact and able to fit in any pocket, the compact pen is designed for cleaning multiple types of small or delicate optics. DIGI-KLEAR is recommended especially for cleaning small camera lenses and LCD screens on the back of digital cameras. It is also a great solution for camcorder screens and lenses, PDA’s, cell phones, optical lenses, and microscopes. MINI-PRO is recommended for cleaning small screens and lenses from 7 to 13 mm diameter. The unique cleaning pen CELL-KLEAR is designed specifically for camera lenses on cellular mobile phones. The special Digitex cleaning compound removes fingerprints, smudges, face powder and greasy marks with ease. The CELL-KLEAR case has a little tag to attach to a mobile phone neck strap, so you can always keep your mobile telephone and camera spotlessly clean.

Weight (kg)
Size (mm)
Qty units in master carton
Digi-Klear cleaning pen for large lenses 0.045 86х202х16 20
Mini-Pro cleaning pen for 7-13 mm lenses 0.033 86х202х10 20
Cell-Klear cleaning pen for tiny lenses 0.010 86х124х7 50
File size
Packing information 43 KB

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