DVD±RW Rewritable

Multi-functionalty is the primary feature of rewritable Digitex DVD-RW/+RWs. Our discs are perfect for recording and storing home videos, transferring high value data, home audio collections, photo archives, daily backups, and file management. Rewritable discs give great flexibility in the home and in the office you can record and erase many different kinds of information up to 1000 times without any deterioration in quality. Digitex DVD-R/-RW/+RWs are also compatible with disc drivers, recorders, players, and game consoles supporting different formats and speeds.

DVD-RW/+RW Rewritable (12 cm)
Capacity 4.7 GB
Thickness 1.20 mm
Diameter 120 mm
Center Hole Diameter 15 mm
Recording Method Dye
Sector size 2048 Bytes
Sector layout, rotational control CLV
Recording track pitch 0,74 nm
Data bit length 0,267 nm
Reflectivity 45-85%
Modulation 8/16, RLL (2.10)
Error correction code Reed-Solomon code
DVD-RW (12 cm)
Velocity 1x-4x, 1x-6x
Laser Wavelength 635 nm
Numerical Aperture 0,6
User data transfer rate Write: 11.08 Mb/s (22.16 for 8x);
Read: 22.16 Mb/s (44.32 for 8x);
DVD+RW (12 cm)
Velocity 1x-4x, 1x-8x
Laser Wavelength 655 nm
Numerical Aperture 0,65
User data transfer rate 1x-2.4x
File size
Packing information 99 KB

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