CD-R Recordable

Creating and storing audio archives, video libraries, and collections of digital photos, projects and images, backing up computer programs, storing multimedia applications, presentations, and video clips, etc. – it’s all possible with the CD-R MaxDrive! The CD-R MaxDrive has a capacity of up to 700 MB, and can store data at up to 52x writing speed (depending on the recording device). The state-of-the-art high-quality materials used in the production of the CD-R, guarantee compatibility with all CD-ROM drives, recorders, players, and Hi-Fi’s systems available on the market. Supporting a high speed format, and providing a high level of protection from ultraviolet light and accidental damage, it also offers superior stability and minimizes writing errors.

Compact disc once recordable
Capacity 700 MB
Velocity 1x-52x
Total Compatibility Orange Book, Part II
Type data/audio
Lifetime over 100 years
Outer Diameter 120 mm
Inner Diameter 15 mm
Thickness 1,2 mm
Track Pitch 1,6 ± 0,1 um
Linear Velocity 1,2-1,4 m/s
Substrate polycarbonate
Writing Layer cyanine - phthalocyanine
Reflective Layer silver
Protection Layer lacquer
Reflectivity > 0,65
Time Encoding ATIP Wobble Modulation
ATER < 10% Avg. over 10 sec.
Lock Freq.(Wobble) 22,05 KHz
CNR of Wobble (Unrecorded) > 35 dB (BW = 1 KHz)
Radial Contrast (Rcb) > 0,05
Optimum Recording 5,9 mW—7,2mW (OB: 4 mW—8 mW)
Operation and Storage Temperature -5—50ºС
Operation and Storage Relative Humidity 10—90%
File size
Packing information 95 KB

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