Mini DVD±RW Rewritable

Digitex 8 cm rewritable discs (DVD-RW/+RW) are the optimal choice, if you need space but do not need a traditional 12cm disc, up to 1.46 GB can be stored on this compact size. One of the distinctive features of our range of 8 cm DVD’s is the opportunity to record video directly onto the disc using modern DVD camcorders, supporting a mini DVD format. Besides this mini DVD’s can be used in the same equipment as traditional DVD’s without altering your device or any changes to the format. Digitex mini DVD-RW/+RW are compatible with all drivers, recorders, players, and game consoles, supporting current formats, and with proper care and cleaning will last for a very long time.

Mini DVD-RW/+RW Rewritable (8 cm)
Capacity 1,46 GB
Thickness 1,20 mm
Outter diameter 80 mm
Center hole diameter 15 mm
Substrate polycarbonate
Reflective Layer silver
Recording Layer AZO
Recording Method phase-change
Recording track pitch 0,74 nm
I3 / I14 >0,15
I14 / I14H >0,6
Jitter <10%
PI error <280
Operating temperature and humidity -25...70°С; 3...95%
Storage temperature and humidity -20…50°С; 5...90%
DVD-RW (8 cm)
Velocity 1x-2x
Laser Wavelength 650 nm
DVD+RW (8 cm)
Velocity 1x-4x
Laser Wavelength 650-660 nm
File size
Packing information 99 KB

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