Optical Mouse pads

  • Surface colour blue and black
  • Material - lycra
  • Soldered edges
  • Each pad individually packed with bar code
  • PP blister packed with display hanger and colourful inlay information inside

High quality, well-designed Digitex mouse pads are in great demand by customers and end users. Each pad has a quality cloth covering providing the ideal mouse ball cohesion and accuracy of cursor positioning. The under layer is made of a two-ply polymer, which ensures steady adhesion of the mouse pad on a desk surface. Edges are hermetically soldered to assure durability and protection from flaking.

Pad size 225х185х1,5 mm
PP blister packed with display hanger
Unit pack – 25 pieces same picture
Pack size 240x220x80 mm
Pack weight 1,75 kg
10 packs per master carton
File size
Packing information 76 KB

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